10 Best Online Educational Platforms

Online education is getting more serious and more popular. People do not want to waste their time studying general or basic things. They look for specific details and work hard to get the knowledge and skills that make them industry-ready professionals. During the pandemic, online education has become even more in demand. One by one, universities started developing their online educational platforms to make sure students finish the 2019/2020 academic year with minimal disruption.

The current situation and technological advancement make students reconsider their perception of online education. They look for online learning platforms and enjoy studying from the comfort of their homes.

Moreover, all other educational services, including short courses, exam revision tools, academic help from pro essay writers, are equally available to online students and those on campuses.

Thus, we have found it important to list the best online educational platforms for students interested in distance learning and self-education.

Skillshare Online Educational Platform


SkillShare is a unique platform that enables students to access over 20,000 classes for only $99 per year. Free access is granted to students interested in 2,000 free online courses. Moreover, SkillShare is so confident in its being the best that it lets new users test the platform for free for two months.

SkillShare is dedicated to developing creativity and sharing a passion for knowledge. The best part about this platform is that it is developed with students’ needs in mind. It is easy to navigate and includes various features that actually make learning comfortable.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is great if we talk about professional development. It is expected that learners already know the fundamentals. However, you can also find courses at different levels on the platform. Some are developed for newbies.

Premium access costs $300 per year. However, you can enjoy one month of free trial and then pay your subscription month after month. LinkedIn Learning has thousands of high-quality courses that you should not miss.


This platform differs from all others because the courses offered there are taught by the world’s best and most recognized experts. Thus, if you are interested in filmmaking, you are likely to learn from Natalie Portman. If you want to study cooking, be prepared to meet Gordon Ramsay, etc.

Such training is available to anyone for just $180 per year. You can also opt for a monthly subscription. However, it is worth mentioning that there is no free trial on the platform. You should pay right away.

Udemy Online Courses


Udemy is one of the most popular platforms for online learning. Its absolute benefit is that you pay specifically for the course you need. For example, you want to study the System Management course issued by a certain reputable organization.

You are very much likely to find it on Udemy. To get access, you only need to make a payment. Some courses are available for free. If you only look for the basics, we recommend using such options first. The range of courses is quite diverse: from learning a foreign language to programming or handmade craft.


EdX works similarly to Udemy but the average prices for courses are higher. This is mostly because EdX only lists courses prepared by its reputable partners. For example, this is the best place to learn Engineering online using materials prepared by MIT academic staff.

The best thing about this platform is that you can get access to classes and their materials for free. It is just the certificate that you are supposed to pay for. If you learn for yourself and have no need to prove it, EdX is free for you. Also Read – Acquired and Inherited Traits Explained


This platform offers non-degree programs together with single courses. Based on what you need, you can choose what option you prefer. For example, if you intend to get deep and comprehensive knowledge of the subject, you’ll have to pay around $400 per month.

Such programs take 3-6 months. This guarantees you will get a proper education similar to a university degree program. If you need only some basic details, courses will be just enough for you. They are available for free to everyone who registers with Udacity.


Coursera offers greater flexibility to learners. You can choose an unlimited subscription for $400 per year. With it, you can choose any course you want to study and get professional certificates. At the same time, you can pay for individual courses, specializations, certificates, or online degree courses separately. The audit option is available for free to everyone.

Coursera has one of the biggest material bases. You can find a course on literally any topic you need. Its certificates will bring your resume to a new level, too.


Like EdX, Futurelearn accumulates courses created by the world’s leading universities. The audit option is available for free to everyone. If you want to have unlimited access to courses and materials, you can choose to pay for a subscription or each course individually.

The platform is great for online learning if you want to become a subject-matter expert. Some courses focus on specific details or research that narrow down your expertise.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy exists to “power your education empire.” This learning platform is different from the above-mentioned ones, though. It helps learners discover their skills and talents and enhance existing ones through courses that look like tutoring. There is no better way to study something than to learn it at your own pace.

Pricing is also quite democratic. You can choose different plans, but most features and materials are available for free. The platform is created to enhance education by making access to it more equal.


PluralSight is another platform for learning through online courses in professional training, continuing education, and certification. It has lots of features that can help you with data learning. Excellent content in various formats also facilitates studying.

You can find both paid and unpaid courses on this website. Those related to programming and data science are the most valued. The platform is dedicated entirely to technical skill development, so it will fit only those people interested in pursuing a career in IT.

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