9 Proofreading Tools to Save Time on Essay Writing

Academic writing takes time and effort, but luckily, some tools can help finish your essay faster. They check the spelling, grammar, style, and often even uniqueness of the paper. And many of these essay writing tools are available online for free.

Of course, the most advanced features usually require a paid subscription, but one can choose what works best for them. The Internet provides great opportunities when it comes to research and research paper writer. There are blogs and websites dedicated to writing essays and building argumentation logically. But before you start using or cooperating with any service you can get acquainted with the comments of live users. For example, as on PaperWriter reviews. And when you are done with the writing part, you can use one of these tools to proofread the text

1. Grammarly

It is one of the most popular tools among students and writers for a reason – it is very good. Grammarly offers great functionality both for the free version and the premium paid one. The free version corrects grammar, spelling, tautology, and punctuation. It covers all the basics and gives a general score to the text. The premium version allows checking the style, readability, and so on. It is more advanced and if you are just looking for proofreading an essay, you probably don’t need it.

The best part is that it is both available as a desktop app and in-built addition to the browser. It is easy to use, fast, and extremely effective. Suggested – Reflexive property – Algebra Guide 101

2. Copywritely

This is an online tool that is often used by content creators. Its main feature is to look for plagiarism, which is a great idea for academic writing. If you want to know how unique your text is, it is a way to go. It has free checks and an advanced version that helps to analyze SEO performance. As a student who just wants to make sure that there is no plagiarism, you’ll be covered with the free features. The site is fast, shows the overall percentage of uniqueness, and shows any online sources that have similarities with the text.

3. Paper Rater

It is a great and multifunctional online tool that covers several proofreading issues. Overall, it is available for free, but it is limited in the volume of the papers one can analyze (50 papers up to 5 pages each every month). It is still pretty good and you probably won’t write 50 essays per month.

There are several main functions a student can use. First of all, there is a plagiarism checker, which analyzes the originality of the text. Secondly, it checks grammar and gives suggestions for writing. It covers the basic proofreading of a paper. One can even improve the style with some suggestions on writing. Overall, it is pretty good, free, and fast.

4. Hemingway Editor

This online editor is for those who want to be sure of the readability of their paper. It is available online completely free for anyone. The main purpose of Hemingway Editor is to check how easy to follow the text is.

Sometimes, an essay writing might be unreadable because of all the complex sentences. It shows the overall score of the text. The tool also analyzes problems and gives you clues on how to fix it. The usage of adverbs, passive voice, and complex and hard-to-read sentences will be gone after this one. You can also edit your paper right on the page.

5. ProWritingAid

This is another multifunctional tool that students love. It has both free and premium versions that provide basic and advanced functionality. One can download it as a browser extension (for Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox), or use online. The main features include a grammar checker, style editing, and writing suggestions.

The main benefit of it for students is that it allows uploading word files to analyze instead of pasting the text in. It is especially useful if you are working on a bigger project that takes more than 3 pages. The free version checks the grammar; it is speedy and effective. The advanced features include a lot of suggestions on how to improve writing style and have tons of additional tips and resources. Also Read – Acquired and Inherited Traits Explained

6. Readable

It is not just a readability checking software. It has several other amazing features one can try. First of all, it works with different types of files, so there is no endless copy-pasting. It can check Word documents, PDF, and even eBooks if you like. It checks the readability of the text and its overall scoring.

The tool also offers grammar and spell check for basic proofreading. It analyzes the overall quality of the text based on the style, use of passive voice, adverbs, etc. There are also several SEO-related features available at a premium, but they are not very relevant for essay writing.

grammar and spell check for basic proofreading

7. Easy Word Count

It is quite a straightforward tool that is useful for those who do not use Microsoft Word. It counts the number of words, characters, and words without white spaces. It is free and available to anyone without registration. So if you need to be sure that your essay is the exact required volume, it is for you.

8. Spell Check Plus

This is a free and pretty basic tool that helps to proofread writing in several seconds. It doesn’t have advanced features regarding style and use of passive voice. It checks spelling and basic grammar as well as shows a score of mistakes per hundred words.

It is useful because it is very easy to use, free, and fast. And there is no registration or any other sort of information needed from a user. So if you are interested in a quick analysis of the essay, it is a way to go.

9. Languagetool

This is another great app available as a browser extension or online. There are both free and premium versions based on how advanced your analysis would be. It checks grammar and spelling. The main feature here is that one can choose American, British, Canadian, or Australian English depending on what you need. The free version allows only 20,000 characters per one analysis, but it is still pretty good for an essay.

In Summary

Proofreading is a necessary step in writing an excellent essay. Sometimes, however, it takes too long and is just hard to do without additional help. These apps and tools are great for checking grammar, spelling, and style. They can help to improve one’s style and be sure that the paper is unique.

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