Is a Career as a Medical Scribe Right for You?

One of the biggest decisions you can make in your life is choosing your career path. Deciding on the one industry and job you want to focus on, not just in the immediate future, but for many years to come, is a big deal. Choosing something that speaks to your own natural skills and talents can certainly make the road to success easier and more enjoyable, but at the same time, you likely want a career that offers job opportunities, promise, growth, and a decent salary.

Career as a Medical Scribe

If you’ve had your eyes on the medical field, the good news is that there are hundreds of different paths you can take. The field is one that is also enjoying a time of growth, which makes it a good choice in terms of potential. One route you may want to consider is a medical scribe. While this may not be the first job you think of in the industry, it can offer all kinds of benefits and advantages. So let’s take a closer look at what a medical scribe is, and why it may be right for you.

You Can Take on a More Administrative Role

Just because a person wants to work in the medical field doesn’t mean they want to work with patients directly. Perhaps that seems too stressful, difficult, emotional, and just plain taxing to you and you’d rather take on a more administrative role. You will still be making a difference in people’s lives but it will be much less stressful and the environment won’t be as fast-paced.

You Have the Option to Work Regular Hours

When you think of jobs in the medical field, positions such as doctors and nurses working in a busy hospital environment often come to mind. With that comes the inevitable and exhausting shift work they have to put in. This can be another answer to the question “why be a medical scribe” as you have the option of working more regular hours and shifts that could work with your lifestyle better.

You Can Still Choose to Work in Emergency Medicine

While a medical scribe can certainly work in a quieter atmosphere, such as a doctor’s office, that’s not to say they aren’t required in a busy emergency setting. Maybe you welcome the stress, the high-paced energy, and the ability to help emergency room physicians and their patients. If that’s the case, you can scribe in a setting that is more in tune with your skills and personality.

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In these settings you’ll be reviewing patient clinical information as you get ready for your shift, you’ll be interacting with patients, managing their laboratory and imaging results, and more. At any given time, you’ll be responsible for juggling multiple on-going cases at once.

You Have an Extreme Attention to Detail

If you’ve always been the type of person to have an eye for detail, and nothing escapes your attention, then you could really excel as a medical scribe. Attention to detail is one of the cornerstones of success in this career. Mistakes can’t be made and you always need to be on the ball.

At the end of the day it could be well worth your time to look into becoming a medical scribe and potentially pursuing this path.

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