How To Find an Ideal Tutor for your Child

The pandemic of 2020 has changed the whole dynamics of the education system and consequently affected the quality of education for over 1.2 billion children from around the world. Concepts like homeschooling, distance learning, and online education have shown massive popularity amidst the evolution of digitization, and undoubtedly, are here to stay.

The usage of online platforms like Zoom, Google meet, MS Teams for classes and meetings has shown a significant surge in the past year. Students attending such online classes have been proven to develop lesser attention span, more distraction, anxiety issues, and poor grades.

Not only students of all ages, but the drastic shift away from on-campus education has brought in a lot of challenges for parents as well. In the case of younger students, it becomes important for their parents to sit beside them and guide them well through the classes. Online classes for students have become the last straw for parents. It gets all the more difficult for working parents to take out time to accompany their children during online classes.

This is where the need to find an ideal tutor for your child comes into play. If you are a parent, looking forward to hiring a tutor for your child, then you have landed on the right page!

Important Questions to Answer

Before starting your search for an ideal tutor, it is essential to answer a few questions.

  1. Why does your child need a tutor? It is crucial to understand the purpose behind hiring a tutor. Do they need help in scoring well? Do they need remedial classes? Do they want a tutor who could help them with their homework?
  2. What type of learner is your child? Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, or Reading/Writing learners?
  3. Does your child need individual tutoring or could do well in group tuitions as well?
  4. What is your budget?

Once you have answered the above questions, it’s time to look at and understand different types of tutors –

  1. Specialist tutors – Such tutors are helpful if your child wants to prepare for the higher-level examination with proper customized guidance.
  2. Part-time tutors – These are mostly college or university-level students looking for part-time jobs and earning a few bucks as their pocket money.
  3. Ex-students – These are the students who studied a particular subject or course and can easily help your child understand important concepts and also suggest some good study material to score well in exams.
  4. School teachers – Best kind of tutors for your child. The reason is that your child is already familiar with them and will not take much time to adapt.

Where can you find the ideal tutor for your child?

Look for your child’s school teachers

School teachers know your child and the curriculum. They are simply the best option if your child wants to focus on a specific subject and understand the concepts in-depth. To hire school teachers, you might check in with school counselors to get the contacts of the teachers. School teachers could be the best source to provide your child with the right material that is needed to understand the concepts in-depth as well as score well in exams.

Talk to other parents in your social network

The other way to find the ideal tutor is to check with reviews and other experienced parents in your social group who have hired a tutor before and that worked out well for them. Mouth-of-words from trusted people could be beneficial for you to find an ideal tutor for your child.

Online educational platforms

Due to the shutting down of schools and various institutions during the pandemic, many countries have seen a distinct rise in online educational websites. These websites offer a high structure and systematic way of learning along with mock tests and extra study material to keen learners. One such online platform present is TutorOcean.

It provides students with highly qualified and affordable tutors who come from top universities and pay attention to the students individually. They offer a wide range of subjects and topics that you need help with. They also provide support to the students who have certain learning disabilities like ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, Aspergers, and also other special educational needs.

If you want your child to learn more than just the school curriculum syllabus and put in twice the effort while in tuition classes, then investing in TutorOcean is worth it.

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Find an ideal tutor through agencies

Seeking a tutor through a reputable tutoring agency is common, but parents need to double-check their preferences with the tutors. Contacts for such agencies are usually available on newspapers and radios.

Look out for college students who are looking forward to earning pocket money and helping out younger students by tutoring them – There is a high possibility that your child will enjoy the company and teaching methods of a college student tutoring them more than that of an elder tutor.

Peer tutoring

If your child is in secondary school and above, one of her peers who are good at understanding a concept may try and teach the concept to your child, and voila! Your problem is solved. We call this type of tutoring peer tutoring. It may be temporary but could do wonders at no cost.

Hiring a Nanny

If you are looking for a person who could tutor your young child and also be her caretaker while you are out working, hiring a nanny could be the best option for you.

Now that you have looked into every option available, narrow down your options, and weigh the pros and cons of each. Also, it is important to verify the reputation of the tutors that you shortlisted. Also Read – 10 Best Online Educational Platforms


Once you have found the ideal tutor for your child, don’t forget to ask the hired tutor to offer demo or trial classes where you can sit with the tutor when they teach your child. Monitoring the tutor while he teaches your child will help you check and understand if the tutor’s teaching style and personality suit your child or not. Hope these pointers help you find an ideal tutor for your child.

Here is the last reminder – Regardless of how “ideal” the tutor is, at the end of the day, all that matters is how much your child is enjoying the tuition and learning out of it.

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