10 Digital Skills That Can Make Students Instantly Employable in 2022

Let’s face it; although the world is full of opportunities, the competition in the market is ferocious. What used to be in demand a decade ago is no longer sought-after. Or automatized, which is why employers don’t need people (or many employees) to perform specific tasks.

With an impressive advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, workflows have become extended and more effective. AI and ML have also substituted people, forcing people to pick up other abilities to secure overall employment.

Being a student is especially difficult these days. Not only do learners have to approach the education matter seriously (analyzing whether they’ll be able to land the job upon graduation), but they also must study aside from academia to keep up with the competition.

If you meditate about skills to pick up, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve highlighted ten digital skills that will increase your value on the labor market and make you a critical asset to any company in 2022 onward.

Email marketing

Despite its prevalence for many years, email marketing will continue to be with us. And it should come as no surprise, for email marketing campaigns proved helpful a long time ago. With the right set of tools, like a poster maker online tool, you can spark recipients’ curiosity and guarantee they will complete the necessary action, from clicking on the link and attending an online event to purchasing the product.


Since many companies have terminated their physical stores and shifted to the online format, knowing how to ensure websites’ high ranks is now of utmost importance. It requires doing search engine analyses, keyword research, and many more.

Without a shadow of a doubt, having prowess in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will enhance your CV and help you get the job.

Video generation

Even though people have become more attached to the Internet, their attention span to every item they stumble upon on the web has waned. In other words, users are now ready to spend no more than 10 seconds exploring a social media post, for instance. And if you fail to excite them within this time frame, the odds that they will engage with the brand is high.

Videos have become viral lately; they can draw your attention right away and call for a specific action. Knowing how to sketch a video and tailor it to the target audience will only tip the scales in favor of your application.

Video generation

Content generation & marketing

While videos have started taking over textual content, that doesn’t mean the latter is no longer needed. It’s still crucial to roll out meaningful posts that promote products and help maintain communication between the company and its followers. Most importantly, it’s crucial to know what users long for and when they are most inclined to consume content. Therefore, it’s recommended students bolster their content generation and marketing skills.

Data analysis

Data analysis is another skill that will give students plenty of credit. If you can collect and analyze it, completing the necessary actions afterward, your employment is guaranteed. Seriously, though, the knowledge of data analysis rudiments will augment your work scope, thus allowing you to deal with more tasks independently.


As mentioned above, AI has automatized many things, but that doesn’t mean AI doesn’t require maintenance per se. In fact, without undivided and constant attention and pretraining, AI will fall short quickly. Even if you just know how to launch a chatbot and teach it how to process users’ inputs will come in handy. Also Read – Advantages of Online Study You Must Know


Programmers are at the center of attention these days. They create, maintain, fix, i.e., they are responsible for making apps and websites smooth so that people have a satisfactory experience using them. Of course, if you want to work as a programmer, you need to know several programming languages. However, just knowing Python fundamentals will be an excellent additional skill.


Surprisingly, writers’ (including copywriters, content writers, SEO writers) efforts are usually undervalued. Many think that it’s easy to produce text and make it saleable. But in fact, it’s too far from the truth. Writers are building blocks of successful corporations that secure transparent and effective communication. If you know the basics of HTML and SEO (work with keywords), your writing skills will be pivotal in your employment.


Social media

Besides entertainment, people use social networks to do business. Whether a blogger or an online store, they will heavily rely on social media to promote their services and/or goods. So if you know how to make such posts interactive, successful, and attention-getting, your job-seeking process will be impressively short.

UI/UX Design

Before purchasing, people tend to examine companies’ social media profiles and web pages. The latter is vitally important, mainly its design and usability. Brands’ websites must be navigable, intuitive, and straightforward. These three requirements often determine people’s will to buy the product. Knowing User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design principles will make you a favored candidate on the list.

The Bottom Line

Needless to say that these aren’t all the abilities that guarantee quick employment. Apart from more technical finesse, interpersonal and soft skills are essential to ensure effective communication between colleagues and clients. Notwithstanding, incorporating such soft skills with the abilities mentioned above (the more learners have, the better) will make students instantly employable in 2022.

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