What Is The Purpose Of An Argumentative Essay?

The skill of writing is needed and follows us through life. We start practicing in kindergarten and continue at school, university, and work. You often have to attach your statements with facts and details in routine life, is not it?

In this article, we will reveal all the aspects and issues of an argumentative essay, its purposes, structure, classifications, etc. In general: this is full guidance for writing a quality argumentative text. Follow the reading to find explanations and tips to become all pants in this rubric!

The Definition Of An Argumentative Essay: What Is It?

The argumentative essay is similar to an opinion one. The purpose of an argumentative essay is to show your own position on a specified issue. However, it’s not only about sharing your statement with attached proofs and strong arguments.

First of all, the real purpose of an argumentative essay is:

  • Showing your position.
  • Navigation through it.
  • Making the reader understand and support it.

Writing such types of texts is common for high school and college students. Some of them prefer to use the services of writing and buy an argumentative research essay, where you can choose the author of the essay according to your budget, terms, and other aspects. Nonetheless, here we mentioned how to write an excellent product on your own, even if its topic demands some specific knowledge.

What Is The Outline Of An Argumentative Essay

The outline of an argumentative essay is:

  • Introduction. Here we mention a blurred key of the sense of the article. It has to make the reader curious.
  • Thesis statement. It is a summary at the beginning of the text, which tells about the leading point and argument.
  • Body paragraphs. Here are mentioned the arguments which correspond to the issue. The body makes the reader support your point of view.
  • Conclusion. It sums up the essay. Here is also mentioned the key sentence, the task of which is making the reader’s emotions.

Making Thesis For An Argumentative Essay In 3-Steps:

A thesis is only two sentences in the full essay. It is mentioned in such parts as the introduction and conclusion. The aim is to suggest the idea of the essay and summarize it. Below are mentioned 3 steps for making a thesis. Follow them to complete an excellent argumentative essay.

Step 1: Answer On The Topic Question

Orally transform the topic of the article into a question. For instance, the topic is: “Writing the quality essay”. The question will be: “How to write a quality essay?”. Practice such modifications on some topics, and you will be prepared. It benefits from other methods which grab the reader’s attention.

Step 2: State The Argument And Then Disprove It

Make an argument and then start disproving it. For instance: “Most of the teachers assure that the quality essay consists of 300 words, however, I count that 250 words are enough because:

  • For the reason of…
  • The reason is…
  • Because…etc.”.

Such a scheme allows presenting your credibility in all beauty and assures the reader that your evidence is trusted.

Step 3: Highlight The Main Points

Present to the reader the main idea of the article and expose the scheme to prop it up. Let’s reveal the example in context: “Firstly, you have to consider the article’s topic. Then, develop the structure and start writing. Remember about proofreading”.

For the reader, it seems as a summing up of mentioned information. It is like a clear brief of an essay in one sentence. For its part, you keep on navigating it.

Everything About Arguments In Essay

In this partition, we will navigate you through arguments in the argumentative essay. Read about its classification, types of claims, and their three main categories. We will also present you with some useful tips about its utilization.

Classification Of Arguments And Its Usage

Proposal Argument

It is similar to classical arguments, however, its feature is the proposal to find a solution to the issue. Such arguments also include:

  • The conception of the problem.
  • The idea of the proposal and details of it.
  • Solid reasons why this solution is needed or is the most beneficial/ win-win.

For example, you are the owner of an Instagram shop. Rapidly, the activeness in your profile statistic decreased. You purpose to your team some arguments with proposals. One such is SMM, and you have to explain why this is the best one.

Narrative Argument

This type of argument includes the demonstration of your personal experience. You have to illustrate your point, comparing it to your personal experience. It relies on facts, figures, and situations. Imagine that you are an employee, who wants to open his own company of staff services, and you also need to answer what is the purpose of such a decision for the public. Before the performance, you will definitely prepare the essay, where you should share your own experience with employers.

Toulmin Arguments

Toulmin arguments are especially efficient for the topics which polarize. For instance, now, all the politicians have to know English, and you have to present this topic in your article. First, demonstrate the claim, then present the ground and show the linking between these two points.

In context: “Modern politics must speak English. There is no secret to their fast learning, just have a peek at these guys, who will make you speak and sound like a native faster. Most of them continue using it and developing their skills”.

Rogerian Arguments

Rogerian arguments are suitable for polarizing topics. It allows you to demonstrate your issue and standpoint and show it from the beneficial side to the reader. It also confesses both sides and demonstrates the middle ground.

Classical Arguments

Classical arguments allow demonstrating the main point and suggesting your own opinion. It’s the best type of argument to convenience the reader that your thought is the right one. Not for nothing, it is also called Aristotelian! You shouldn’t present a volume part of the information, just let the readers follow through the Aristotelian structure line. Also Read – College Student’s Guide to Budgeting Based on Your Personality

5-Types Of The Argument Claims

Considering how to present your argument is crucial and depends on the occasion. So, meet 5 types for the various claims:

  • Policy.
  • Fact.
  • Cause & Effect.
  • Value.
  • Definition.

Try the various methods one by one. Now it may seem unclear and blurred, but you will become orientated in this issue after some attempts. You can check over here and ensure that hard work is necessary to achieve success. Structuring has a key role there!


In this article, we revealed the topic of writing an argumentative essay. We presented to you:

  • What is an argumentative essay?
  • How to outline it?
  • 3-step guidance for making a thesis.
  • Other details about arguments.

However, what is the main purpose of an argumentative essay? Surely, it’s not only about presenting your own position. You have to make the reader support your point of view for the first turn. And useful keys for it, we already mentioned above!

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