5 Remote Jobs Business Majors Should Consider Applying For

When you earn a degree in business, you are practically swearing yourself to a life in an office, right? Perhaps not. In the past, it was hard for anyone with a business degree to secure steady remote jobs. Now, it is becoming normal for people to work entirely from home. Even major corporations are switching to a remote lifestyle as they recognize the benefits it brings to employees’ lives. And these range from entry-level jobs to more elevated positions as well. Even though with your business smarts and education, it may feel overwhelming to apply for so many jobs at once, if working remotely is something you value, then these are five work-from-home jobs you may consider after you graduate.

Online Business Analyst

If you love data and have the right skills, it’s possible to find remote work as a full-time business analyst. Your day-to-day tasks will include gathering and examining web analytics, maintaining reports, offering suggestions for improvements, and collaborating with other divisions to drive the business forward. Business analysts can enjoy a mix of technical and interpersonal work, so the flexibility of the role compliments a remote job well.

Fleet Manager

Fleet managers operate a company’s collection of commercial vehicles. They are transportation management specialists. Your responsibilities will include consulting, coaching, and guiding drivers, maintaining compliance and safety records, distributing workloads, and tracking job progress. A large part of the fleet manager’s job is finding ways to improve performance while lowering expenses. If this position interests you, learning about the most effective fleet management technologies can give you an edge during the interview process. A guide on Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) can tell you everything you need to know about this powerful and data driven technology that you can utilize.

Project Manager

The best part about project management is that it can be done from anywhere in the world. No matter what industry you love or where your passions like, there is always a need for knowledgeable, adaptable project managers. You get to lead teams toward their goals while helping assure stakeholder satisfaction. A variety of online and digital tools will be at your disposal, including project management systems, collaboration platforms, and time tracking software. If you enjoy working with others and pride yourself on strong communication, this could be a great job for you.

Business Consultant

Even though you work remotely, you can still offer your skills and expertise to others. Consultants either work independently or for a company to help other companies improve their operations. Your work will include evaluating companies’ existing business models, developing personalized solutions, and overseeing the strategic implementation of your suggestions. From building sustainable life cycles to marketing positioning, this is an active, dynamic position that always provides a rewarding challenge.

Business Development and Support Associate

In this role, you will help identify, build, and implement growth strategies for your company. Communication plays a large part of your work as you collaborate with leaders, managers, and partners to form strong relationships with mutual benefits. In addition to improving your own company’s outlook, you also get to innovate and bring suggestions that help optimize your partners’ companies as well. The central focus of this job is creating opportunities and aligning operations with customer expectations.

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