10 Easy Entry-Level Jobs For College Students in 2022

Entry-level jobs are all about helping you build great foundational skills that could lead to an upper-level position down the road. What’s more, entry-level positions allow you to find career mentors, figure out your passions, and assess what roles or industries you’re interested in.

With that said, there are a vast array of jobs that offer night shifts, weekend hours, and a decent wage to eligible candidates, including the 10 entry-level positions on this list.

1. Call Center Representative

A call center representative is responsible for answering or making calls to or from customers. Once a customer is on the line, representatives will provide them with information, troubleshooting assistance, or services. Bank call centers tend to offer the most money.


  • Manage calls
  • Read from a script
  • Ask for donations/sell products
  • Research customer-related issues
  • Input customer data

Hourly Pay: Call centers often pay very well due to the high turnover rate. Most call centers will pay $13 an hour, but if you land a position in a bank, you could make $20-$25 an hour.

2. Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

A real estate transaction coordinator is a neutral third party that helps the seller through the entire real estate transfer process. They focus on administrative tasks, knowledge support, and customer service. You can start a real estate transaction coordinator business right at home.


  • Open and handle escrow accounts
  • Conduct purchase agreement reviews
  • Monitor closing deadlines
  • Monitor underwriting
  • Coordinate home walk-throughs

Hourly Pay: Real estate transaction coordinator salaries range from $22-$50 an hour, yes, even for entry-level positions. If you go into business for yourself, you’ll make much more.

3. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

A dog walker and/or pet sitter walks dogs following the agreed-upon schedules and routes issued by the clients. Pet sitters are more likely to watch cats than dogs since there aren’t many options for cat kennels in most cities. Typically, the pets will stay in the owner’s home.


  • Pet cleanup
  • Dog walking
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Administering medicine
  • Pet transport

Hourly Pay: Dog walkers/pet sitters often use apps like Rover, where contractors can offer their own rates and schedules. Depending on your location, you can make $15-$40 an hour.

4. Food Service Worker

A food service worker is responsible for everything that goes into preparing a meal. Wait-staff, bartenders, cooks, and food managers all fall under this umbrella. Foodservice is flexible and amps up around the holiday season, making these jobs accessible for students.


  • Serving food
  • Taking orders
  • Handling credit cards and cash
  • Making drinks
  • Light food preparation

Hourly Pay: Hourly pay varies significantly depending on how often you work and how well your patrons’ tip. You’ll more likely make minimum wage plus tips at most restaurants in the city.

5. Tutor

A tutor works actively with students by enabling them to perform at a higher academic level. They are generally freelancers or found in schools or companies that specialize in after-school tutoring or education. If you’re knowledgeable in a particular area, you can become a tutor.


  • Test preparation
  • Subject tutoring
  • Essay coaching
  • Note-taking
  • Advanced learning

Hourly Pay: Tutors can find students online or in-person who will pay a pretty penny for their services. A freelance tutor can make $30-$90 or more depending on need and experience.

6. Nanny

A nanny is responsible for providing care for children, infants, toddlers, and babies within a household. Some nannies are responsible for reading, playdates, laundry, feeding, and bathing. You’ll need some babysitting experience, which could come from looking after your siblings.


  • Performing household chores
  • Homework help for young children
  • Meal preparation
  • School drop off/pick-up
  • Child rearing and development

Hourly Pay: Nannies typically make more in large cities and are charged per child they care for. Entry-level nannies make $13-$20 an hour in most states or around $15 per child.

7. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent connects clients for transactions and represents them in the home negotiation process. Agents are compensated through commissions, which is a percentage of a house sale. The percentage an agent receives depends on the brokerage and state.


  • Meet with and understand client needs
  • Plan property showings and stagings
  • Research local/international markets
  • Set up appointments for meetings.
  • Stage homes for sale.

Hourly Pay: Real estate agents are paid based on the number of homes they sell. Agents may make $6,000-$10,000 per home sold after accounting for commission splits and taxes.

8. Social Media Assistant

A social media assistant is a marketing professional who oversees a client’s social media presence. Companies love to hire college students to run their social media accounts because they can effectively speak to a younger buyer audience.


SEO optimization
Post scheduling
Customer engagement
Communication management

Hourly Pay: Similar to other marketing positions, freelancers can make more money than their office counterparts. Social media assistants can make $16-$40 an hour or more.

9. Resident Advisor

Resident advisors offer support to residents and the university in the form of rule enforcement and security. When you apply as a resident advisor, you receive free room and board as well as extra cash as long as you’re able to work in a variety of clerical roles that support your college.


  • Helping students move in and out
  • Building security
  • Dorm rule enforcement
  • Event planning
  • Clerical tasks

Hourly Pay: While it’s true that resident advisors don’t make much, they save thousands of dollars per year thanks to perks, like free room and board. Plus, you’ll earn $15-$18 an hour.

10. Fitness Instructor

A fitness instructor, or personal trainer, provides instruction and training of fitness programs to groups or individuals. Fitness instructors engage clients in weight loss programs and exercise routines. Only take on a position in the fitness world if you really, really like to exercise.


  • Teach group classes
  • Conduct fitness audits
  • Hold goal-specific fitness sessions
  • Provide diet and health advice
  • Offer moral support

Hourly Pay: High-energy college students who can instruct clients once-twice a day can make $20 an hour. If you coach online, you may be able to squeeze in more clients.

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