Lesson on How to Convert to Scientific Notation

Scientific notation is a method of sharing big or tiny numbers in a more comfortable form. Although the scientific notation is one of the earliest mathematical operations, nowadays, it is utilized by engineers, scientists and mathematicians to ease computation. Let’s learn more about Convert to Scientific Notation in this blog.

The primary kind of writing in scientific notation is a × 10n where one ≤ a ≤ ten and n is an integer. The number a, which called a coefficient, must be greater than one and less than 10.

An instance of scientific notation is 2.5 x 106, equivalent to revealing the number as 2500000. In this instance, 2.5 is the coefficient and also, the initial figure of the coefficient is called the mantissa. Hence, the number 2 is the mantissa in 2.5 x 106.

Method to Convert to Scientific Notation

In this write-up, we shall find out the guidelines and treatments of transforming numbers to scientific notation. Therefore, you will have the ability to change any number you discover by yourself. Conversion of numbers to scientific notation is relatively straightforward as well as simple.

Let us have a look right into these actions for transforming numbers to scientific notation:

Numbers – Rounding Numbers

To convert a number to scientific notation, location or move the decimal point of a number until its coefficient is higher than one and > 10.

Note down the coefficient (a) and evaluate the variety of actions relocated the decimal point.

The variety of steps relocated (n) is taken as the exponent.

Moving the decimal point to the appropriate offers an unfavourable exponent, whereas moving the decimal point to the left makes a favourable backer.


Take into consideration a large number of 3,400,000. To convert this number right into scientific notation:

Location a decimal by counting the steps to the left till the number’s coefficient is between 1 and 9.

Count the variety of steps moved. This will undoubtedly be the power of the base 10.

In this situation, the coefficient is 3.4, as well as the six steps, are moved.

Increase the coefficient by 106,

Consequently, the solution is 3. 4 x 10 6

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