5 Skills Students Can Learn to Improve Their Employability

Almost every student has good grades these days. The competition is just too much to rely on grades only. So how would you confirm your chances of selection?

Getting a job isn’t difficult when you stand out. But how would you do that? With a productive skill set, or an unusual combination of skills. In short, the more unique skills you have the faster you catch the employer’s eye.

So what to do now? When Sofi’s private student loans eliminate the money problem, all that’s left to do is to start learning relevant skills that help you improve your employability.

But still, the question is, what skills to learn? Here’s your answer.

This post contains the list of the profitable skills to have and the resources to develop them so that you shine in every job interview. And most importantly, get the job.

So, let’s get started.

Writing Skills

In a study, 73% of employees said that candidates with writing skills are more favorable for a job position. And almost half of them spend 10 thousand or more on content marketing. That’s how important content is for businesses. If you possess strong writing skills, you’re an asset to them.

Another lucrative way is to become a freelance writer if you don’t plan to work a full-time job. As a freelance writer, you take clients, write content for them, and get paid. You work whenever and wherever you want.

Research Skills

One more important skill to have is research. Why? Have you ever been to a job interview where the interviewer asks you about the company and you go blank realizing that you’ve ruined your chances? And while leaving the room you curse yourself for not learning about the company in advance?

Never happened to you? Well, it happened to me once. And that’s when I learned that research gives you the knowledge and confidence to look more appealing.

Other than that, research and data analysis are in-demand skills. If you can conduct research, collect data, and analyze it to make effective decisions that help in growing a business, you’re gold.

Digital Marketing Skills

Almost every business today is online, thanks to the trillion-dollar online companies like Amazon for giving them hope. Unfortunately, not all of them are trillionaires. But what does it mean for you? It means that these businesses are crying for help with digital marketing.

You, with digital marketing skills, can step in and become a savior. Become a digital marketing expert or go deeper and develop an advanced level of understanding by focusing on only one type of skill such as an email marketing expert.

Online Learning Skills

With businesses going online, learning is online too. But is it helping students? Of course, online learning can’t provide field training, however, 60% of students have said that online learning has helped them develop soft skills such as critical thinking.

Quick learning is an underrated skill, online learning helps in developing other required skills quickly and is, therefore, a required skill itself.

Interpersonal Skills

Last but not the least, being able to communicate confidently, solve critical problems, settle conflicts and other soft skills will help you stand out as a leader and will make your employer choose nobody else but you.

To Sum Up

Definitely, these skills are not the only ones you need. There are so many that can highlight your profile. However, if you try to learn all of them you will become a generalist.

To stand out, become an expert by focusing on one or two skills or make a combination such as copywriting and coding so there’s nobody else like you in the market. And then what, get your job!

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