Here is how to nail your University Admission Essay

Despite that university has started to revolve around online learning courses, most of these require an admission essay from students. Writing an admission essay is no less than a nightmare for a majority of students. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we have you all covered here. We understand what goes through one’s mind when the essay submission deadlines are drawing closer with each tick of the clock. Instead of having your panic attacks triggered, we recommend viewing the admission essays as one of the best opportunities for expressing yourself. With a changed mindset, you are more likely to succeed even in the most challenging tasks in the world.

Take it as an opportunity to shine

Before you roll up your sleeves and start the essay, you should understand the importance of staying authentic to your true self. What it means, you might ask. Well, look at the essay from the admission expert’s perspectives. What do they want to obtain from having potential candidates write the admission essays?

The answer is that they want you to be your authentic self and express who you really are. That said, don’t take it as a challenge but as an opportunity to shine. The first step to obtaining authenticity is by being 100% honest in your response to the essay prompts.

Refrain from buttering up your feelings and presenting yourself as someone that you are not. The university admission experts will see through the fake persona by reading between the lines of your essay. At its best level, self-expression is obtained when a person isn’t afraid of sharing their individuality by choosing honest words. Also, Read – Learn Complex Fractions with Examples

We understand that it might put you in a vulnerable position. Still, we encourage you to embrace that momentary awkwardness and discomfort, for it will pay off in the long-term. Stay honest, authentic, and transparent while jotting down your response to the essay prompt.

Brainstorm different Situations

Trust us when we tell you this that there is nothing more evident than someone bored with their own words. Your admission essay should be carrying the essence of you and what you believe in. The best way to get to your self’s depth is by brainstorming different scenarios and what you would do, say, and be in those situations.

We recommend setting aside all sorts of distractions while you ask yourself crucial questions like what would keep you up at night. And what would be the first thing you would do after your classes. This mental exercise aims to understand the things that really matter to you and what you love to do. This will help you find the perfect topic for your essay and write it so that it won’t bore you and the readers.

Don’t fear jotting down Conflicting ideas

Have you ever wondered why most admission counselors want students to write their thoughts about tense situations? The writing exercise aims to allow the students to be prone in their minds while allowing their inner turmoil and conflicting emotions to reach the surface. This can be a bit challenging and quite uncomfortable at first.

However, conflicting viewpoints bring out more of the character and inner strengths than one can imagine. This also allows the admissions expert to get a better glimpse of who you are as an individual. That said, we recommend students to push themselves out of their comfort zones and set their brain muscles into motion. Don’t be afraid while elaborating on conflicting viewpoints. Instead, explain how the conflicts shaped your mindset and made you a stronger and better person than you are today.

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