8 Simple Tips on How to Follow the Structure of a Research Essay

An essay is a type of writing that every student faces. What is a research essay? This is a type of paper that includes the information based on research and explains why the student decides to disclose the questions posed on the topic of a paper.

When compiling a research essay, a lot of literature sources or publications of various formats are used (it all depends on your topic). They usually use technical and scientific literature with a certain period (for example, not older than the last five years); it is in such literature that new information is contained that is used when writing a paper.

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And now, let’s consider tips for following a research essay structure.

1.Stick to the constituent elements

How to write a research essay correctly? There are clear answers to this difficult question that will help you understand the structure of the paper and how to write and format it correctly, what are the rules for writing an essay, and why it is important to follow general requirements when preparing the material.

The research essay text has the following constituent elements:

2.Make a thorough plan

The plan is the “skeleton” of the essay; it compactly reflects the sequence of the material presented. The plan as a form of notation usually conveys the content of a part of the text in much more detail than the table of contents of a book or subheadings of articles. The plan improves recordings (detects inconsistencies and repetitions), speeds up the processing of material, helps to maintain self-control. Formulating plan points is a difficult process. This requires exceptional precision, a very thoughtful approach to literally every word. It can be compared to searching for titles. Strive for the headings-points of the plan to reveal your thoughts fully.

3.Start the research essay correctly

When working on the introduction, the answer to the following question can help: “Do I need to define a subtopic of the essay?” “For example, when working on the topic “The Economy of the USA in the Times of Donald Trump,” the following question can be formulated as a subtopic: “What signs were characteristic of the economy of that period?” If you choose a statement for an essay introduction, you must be sure that you know the basic concepts of the science to which it relates.

4.Write the main part according to the common structure

The main part involves the presentation of argumentation, analysis, based on the available data, positions on the problem. It may contain at least three and no more than five sections (paragraphs). The paragraphs of the essay should be interconnected. Each paragraph ended with brief conclusions, allowing you to proceed to the presentation of the next material logically. In this case, it is necessary to strive for a proportional (in terms of volume) distribution of material between sections. Each element of the main part should be a complete semantic fragment of the essay.

5.Make the strong conclusion

The conclusion is a summary of the main, most significant results of research, formulated in the form of conclusions that correspond to the goal and the research objectives set in the introduction. The conclusion is the generalizations and reasoned summary on the topic, indicating the scope of its application. A recommended method for drawing up a conclusion is the usage of the quotation, original author’s statement. The conclusion may contain such an important element, complementary to the essay, as an indication of the scope of research.

6.Pay attention to the list of references

The list of sources and literature (bibliography) should be placed after the “Conclusion” section. Here, you should present:

  • main sources on the topic of scientific research (for example, monographic studies)
  • the most important scientific articles published in scientific journals, and also postgraduate scientific articles
  • statistical publications
  • periodic reference books and Internet sources
  • regulations
  • educational literature, etc.

All formatting usually follows the common requirements, which are designated by the university in its methodological recommendations, you should not ignore this and follow the rules.

7.Stick to the format

  • The font color is black.
  • The text of the essay is drawn up on one side of an A4 sheet.
  • The distance between the lines is one and a half spacing, font –Times New Roman, size is 14.
  • It should be 28-30 lines on one page of solid text.
  • In the text of the research essay, abbreviations of words should not be used, except for the generally accepted ones.
  • All quotes, tables, factual data given in the paper should be provided with footnotes. Indication of books and articles in footnotes should meet the same requirements as when compiling a bibliography.
  • The use of Internet sources must also be accompanied by appropriate links.
  • All tables and figures in the text of the essay should be numbered and have titles.
  • It is recommended to use sequential numbering of sources in the list, grouping them according to the following sections: regulations, scientific literature, periodicals (magazines, newspapers), Internet resources, other sources.

8.Check the structure and other features once again

Look whether your structure corresponds to this guide. Check the clarity of your essay. Clarity is the availability of the text for understanding. It can be achieved most easily by using logical and consistently carefully selected words, phrases, and interrelated paragraphs that cover the topic. Correct mistakes, if any.

For every student, writing an essay with proper structure is important. It is doubly pleasant when the structure and paper as a whole are highly appreciated by the teacher. Follow the tips presented here, and your essay will win the heart of your teacher. Good luck!

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