6 Destinations to Visit and Get Inspired Before the Semester

Traveling helps us to discover things we’ve never known about ourselves as well as to explore the world of new opportunities. It’s a possibility to escape from our daily routine and try ourselves in unfamiliar situations. Traveling is particularly empowering for young people who have yet to set their goals. Every new destination can offer some life-changing experiences that broaden their perspective. Inspiration from traveling is a powerful thing that keeps us motivated to thrive. This makes traveling an investment in our future. If you want to explore different cultures, make friends, recharge, and challenge yourself, start planning your trip right now. Here’s our list of the most inspiring destinations for students.

1. Iceland

You can’t be wrong if you choose Iceland as a travel destination. It’s a truly magical place with waterfalls, mountains, and lava rocks. You’ll see some awe-inspiring landscapes. Here you can witness the aurora borealis from September to April and the midnight sun phenomenon in June. The country also has a number of active and inactive volcanoes, with the latter being particularly beautiful sights because of their crater lakes and dark volcanic beaches. Aside from great volcanoes, you can see ice caves and glaciers because Iceland is the place where ice and fire meet. If you’re ready for adventures, Iceland is definitely a destination for you.

2. Nepal

In Nepal, you’ll meet the friendliest people. They are always happy to welcome guests and share with them their diverse culture. To combine traveling with studies, find academic help on the write my essay service EssayHub. To order essay online will take only a few minutes. You will have the rest of the time to spend exploring the beauty of Nepal. The country is the perfect place for mountain trekking as, despite its small size, Nepal is home to eight out of ten world’s highest mountains. Yet, if you are less adventurous, the country still has a lot to offer. You can learn about the unique culture of Kathmandu, go on a safari in Bardia National Park, or visit Kathmandu Valley.

3. Italy

Italy is a classic travel destination. It’s a country where every corner breathes history. Italy has immense cultural and artistic heritage. You can see the world’s greatest architecture in cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, as well as renowned works of art. In fact, every region in Italy has its own values, traditions, and history. Besides, Italian food alone, with its multitude of recipes and flavors, needs a separate article. Its dishes have long been appreciated around the world. Yet, needless to say, trying them in Italy is something special.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers adventures for every taste. The best time to visit it is before your spring semester because the place is particularly beautiful from December to April. Traveling for students becomes easy with quality writing help. You don’t need to worry about missing deadlines as writers can help you cope with any task. It can offer you some life-changing experiences if you are a nature lover. The country is home to volcanoes, half a million animal species, and stunning national parks. Besides, it is also a place of luxury resorts and white-sand beaches. Also Read – 10 Awesome Technologies That Have Changed the Way We Study

5. Croatia

Croatia is a coastal country with some of the most scenic beaches. Some of them are packed with tourists like the Zlatni Rat, while others remain hidden and offer you a calm and secluded atmosphere. If you like sports like sailing or diving, Croatia is definitely a place for you. Here you can explore hiking trails to enjoy marvelous mountain top views. The country also has a lot of historical locations. The Dubrovnik City Walls, Lotrščak Tower, and Pula Amphitheatre are only some of the top sightseeing spots in Croatia. Additionally, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will definitely enjoy visiting Dubrovnik, where King’s Landing is filmed.

6. New Zealand

There might be a million reasons to visit New Zealand. It is probably the most picturesque country in the world. Its scenery with beaches and forests, lakes and islands, glaciers and mountains will take your breath away. There is no other place with such a diverse landscape. Therefore, the country is perfect for outdoor activities like snowboarding, bungee jumping, kayaking, and parachuting, in addition to hundreds of others. Furthermore, you can dive into the Maori culture and visit a traditional village or see cultural shows. You might also want to explore The Lord of the Rings filming locations and travel to the Fiordland region.

Time to Get Inspired

Traveling is a powerful source of inspiration. You can choose any of these destinations and have an experience you’ll never forget. When you’re still a student, use the benefits of a flexible schedule and long study breaks to travel. New acquaintances, places, challenges, and a great deal of self-reflection can help you figure out what you want from life and give you a new direction to focus on during the semester.

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