Personal Statement Writing from A to Z

Although university admissions are open to all students, the administration is usually keen to admit the best. Out of the thousands of applications they receive each year, personal statements mostly determine who will join the college and who will not.

Since a personal statement is a requirement by most colleges, students should be familiar with skills for writing an excellent personal statement format. It gives details about your experience, the skills you will bring to the college and the reason why you want to join. It should give the administrators enough reason to admit you.

How To Start A Personal Statement?

Personal Statement Writing from A to Z

1. Introduce yourself

The university administration would be pleased to have some deeper information about you and why you chose that specific college and not another. In the introduction, it will be important to discuss your personality and the course(s) that interest you the most.

Remember not to disclose every detail in the introduction. One paragraph is enough since you will cover deeper details about yourself in other sub-topics and paragraphs. Also Read – How To Calculate The Angular Velocity

2. Give reasons why you want the course

There must be a good reason you want to study arts and not science or music but not history. Some people want technical courses because they would like to work as freelancers and create employment for other good people in their society.

Another student would like to study medicine because of an experience they had with a sick relative who could not get a cure for their illness. If they study medicine, they might be able to help millions of other citizens who could be going through similar challenges.

In other words, give a detailed reason why you chose the field you want to study. You must give the administrators an impressive reason to admit you.

3. State any relevance of your chosen course with your current study

This point will be better applicable for students who want to do advanced courses. It could be you want to do a master’s in business administration and you are currently studying accounting.

In your case, an accounting course is relevant to business administration because it will help you become a better administrator of business. The two courses involve business accounts and are directly related to the business world.

In your statement, you will state something like – I’m currently studying accounting or I have completed a 2-year accounting course in college X. A degree in Business administration will help me become a better financial analyst and so on.

Students seeking college admission may have no idea about how to write a personal statement. Most of them write the statement for their very first time when applying for a college.

Many end up losing important admission chances into some of the best universities. If you can learn how to write a perfect personal statement, you will likely get an admission letter from every college you applied for. EduBirdie provides professional writing services for all college students. Here you can hire a writer for personal statement and get admission to your choice college. The work is of top quality and at affordable prices.

State your hobbies

4. State your hobbies

Colleges are good places for nurturing talent and once you join the college, you will be required to join a club or team where you can nurture your talent. Some students are good at music, others in creative arts, science, sports and drama.

Some colleges seek specific talents and some even offer scholarships to students with special talents. In your personal statement, discuss all your hobbies because it’s easy to find someone’s talent in their hobbies. Some corporates and NGOs sometimes also seek students with special talents and sponsor their education and help the students get a job after college.

5. Discuss your achievements

You may not have achieved much, but the little you have achieved is important in your application for college admission. You may be tempted to exaggerate your achievements, but the administrators will find out soon.

Be very truthful and give details of what you have been able to do only. It could be you participated in the regional school’s drama festival or won a medal in the high school hockey competition. That is a great achievement and you should include it in your statement. Suggestion – Oir Past Tense Conjugation

Some Dos and Don’ts of Personal Statement Writing

When writing a personal statement, observe some of these basic rules. Ensure your statement is relevant to your course and let it be unique. It should stand out from the rest. Let your statement be engaging and have a good balance between your academic and other credentials.

Do not overstate any of your credentials or exaggerate your achievements. Do not copy someone else’s statement. Instead, use it as a point of inspiration. Don’t tell any lies or misleading information. The administrators will have questions about your statement and it could deny you an opportunity in the college.


For many years, writing a killer personal statement during the college application season has challenged many students. Those with relatives or friends who have been to college are lucky to get help, but there are many other millions with none to help them. Because of the great weight personal statements carry in college admissions, every student should do their best to learn all details the statement should have. If they cannot get immediate help, they should seek help online.

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