Why Student Accommodation Matters More During The Pandemic

There’s no denying that the pandemic has significantly impacted all aspects of people’s lives—how they work, study, shop, interact with others, and even just as simple as how they live their life. The old normal feels so yesterday, and students, for one, can attest to how much has changed since the COVID-19 came into the picture.

You may have contemplated on a lot of aspects of your life as a student, but one thing remains more important than ever—your accommodation as you pursue your education. You may have not realized it yet, but where you stay while studying is a vital factor in ensuring that your student life in this time of pandemic won’t be as harrowing as possible.

Student Accommodation 101: Your Home Away From Home

Whether you’ve decided to study overseas or just a few towns away from your neighborhood, it only means one thing—you’re away from home. At any rate, you’re alone and in the middle of a pandemic. That’s why your student accommodation matters now more than ever. If there’s one thing that the pandemic thought the world, it’s that nothing is certain in this life. You can’t be sure of what’s going to happen later, tomorrow, or next month. And, one of the scariest parts of life is uncertainty.

Going for just about any kind of student accommodation is diving into the unknown. What’s waiting on the other side of the door? Are you going to be safe there? Will you be able to live comfortably and enjoyably despite the distance from your family? These are just some of the questions that you should be asking yourself before picking a new dorm, apartment, or student residence.

Student Accommodation 101

The Feeling Of Security

A good, or, rather, an excellent, student accommodation is more than just a room. It’ll serve as your shelter that’s supposed to provide you with a sense of security. Although vaccines for the virus have started to roll out, it doesn’t mean that there’s no more COVID-19 anywhere. The virus remains, and if your student accommodation doesn’t offer enough security measures, you might need to rethink if they’ll be able to protect you should the number of cases spikes again.

Are the facilities enough to house all students without crowding or overwhelming each other? Do they implement strict protocols to control the spread of the virus? Are they always monitoring their tenants?

As someone who’s looking for student accommodation, it’s only normal to keep asking questions that’ll help you decide if the place is suitable enough for your security and wellness needs. The cost of living for students is no joke, and you surely want to make sure that every penny will be spent wisely and accordingly. So, next time you’re visiting a school residence or inquiring online from sites such as https://vintageattabernacle.com/, don’t forget to make a list of some questions and clarifications that you want to ask regarding their facilities.

Your Mental Health Matters, Too

Although mental health awareness still remains a stigma in most parts of the world, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider how your mental health will be affected by your choice of accommodation as a student. If you live in a stress-free, quiet, and clean environment, the more that you can focus on your education instead of worrying about things that can impact your mental state.

You may have heard or read that since the pandemic hit, students have felt somewhat off with regard to their emotional and mental health. They’d feel isolated, alone, or depressed. If you’re one of those students who’d feel the same way, the more that you should consider choosing the right student accommodation when you take off again for college. Why? It can make or break your mental wellness in so many ways.

Now’s not the time to feel isolated, and most of all, you can’t be feeling alone, especially if you’re miles away from your loved ones. You need accommodation that’ll feel like family, like you’re in a home full of people who encourage you to feel better and do better. Surprisingly, there are residences and accommodations that are like that. If you want to find out where they are, you can ask your friends or family members who’ve left for college the same way you’re about to do. Get their suggestions, insights, and thoughts about the accommodations that you’re choosing from, if you already have a list. From there, you can narrow down your options until you’re able to come up with the right one.

Amid The Challenges And Risks Of Higher Education

College is already challenging and risky enough. You don’t need another struggle in your journey as a student, more so now that there’s still a pandemic happening. Every student probably has experienced how difficult it could be to study while everyone is panicking and scared over the threat of the virus. It’s hard to focus when you have so much on your plate and in your mind. The last thing you’d want to worry about is how you can relax and breathe in your student dorm or apartment.

Your student accommodation will be your haven, a place where you can think, meditate, imagine, dream, and plan for your future. It should be surrounded with only the most positive vibes to help you get through this challenging period in your life. That’s why it’s essential that you choose the best place to stay while you work on your degree and eventually, your overall improvement.

You can’t possibly focus in class if you’re not able to get enough sleep because of situations in your dorm. Maybe your roommate was too loud, or the other room was cranking up their music all night. Whatever the reason may be, you don’t want to be in that situation.

Choosing The Right Accommodation

By now, you probably already have an idea as to what kind of environment and living situation you want for your student accommodation. In case you need more help, there are some factors that you may want to consider so you can make an even better decision. These include:

1. Proximity

One of the first things you should prioritize when looking for your next dorm or apartment is its proximity to everything, not just your university. Is it walking distance from the school, or do you still need to ride a bus or hail a cab? Is it near establishments, such as laundromats, convenience stores, book stores, restaurants, and other essential places?

Other students prefer on-campus living, which means that the dorm or apartment is inside the university’s vicinity. This type of residence may be more secure and convenient for the tenant since there’s no need to spend extra on transportation just to get into class.

2. The Community

How’s the community where the accommodation is in? Is it safe enough? If it’s a building, does it have a reliable security system in place? When choosing, you can go on a quick tour around the community and nearby places just so you can have a better look at everything. You don’t want to regret your decision in the end just because you didn’t take the time to go around the place and observe the surroundings.

3. The Amenities

Comfort shouldn’t be sacrificed in any way, that’s why you have to carefully examine the amenities of the accommodation you’re eyeing for. There should be basic amenities, such as unlimited Internet access, and cooling and heating systems. If you prefer a room or apartment that has fully-furnished kitchen and living room, then look for one that can offer just that. Don’t settle just because you’re not sure how to ask or demand things.

4. The Price

This isn’t a matter of going for the cheaper option, and then regretting it in the end. The price should be considered in a way that you’ll know that the place is worth every penny you’ve spent for it. If you’re looking for extra amenities and superb facilities, you should also expect that they’ll come with considerable additions to the cost of the accommodation. That shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. Remember that you’re not looking for cheap and subpar accommodation—you want a place that can provide comfort, security, and peace of mind. These features are non-negotiable and definitely should be on top of your checklist.

These four factors should be considered more than other minor components. Try and be more realistic when it comes to expecting a price for the kind of accommodation that you want.

Making New Friends Despite The Pandemic

For some, student accommodation is more than just a living space. It’s where they can socialize and feel comfortable in entertaining new friends, classmates, or, maybe, a new love interest. So, it’s only natural that you want to impress them when going to your place. You want them to keep on hanging out in your crib, and that means more chance for you to get to know them and potentially make them an integral part of your life moving forward.

The people you meet and make friends with in college are usually the ones that’ll stay for the rest of your life. They’ll be your companion when going to parties and events at the university. As a student, you’ll long for a sense of belongingness, and having the right place to stay and offer to your newfound friends will make that happen. These are all part of the college experience, and when you graduate, you’ll be thankful that you made the most out of it.

It’s also expected that students would be craving to meet more people, especially since the pandemic has limited their interaction with others. They’ll be more than eager to let people into their lives, and what thing to do than to invite them over to your apartment, right? You can cook for them or, maybe, they’ll be willing to do a group study so you can further improve on your academics. A little party now and then won’t hurt as well, just as long as you know your limits and you still stay focused on your goals as a student.

Better Accommodation, An Easier Transition

For students who live overseas, it can be difficult to transition from their country to an entirely new one. The last thing you’ll need is an accommodation that won’t make you feel welcomed and appreciated. That’s why it’s important that you’re able to choose your living environment more carefully. Look at every aspect and consider all factors that you know could significantly affect the turnout.

International students may need to look for accommodations that welcome diversity in their environment. This can be a daunting task to accomplish because it’s not something that’s immediately visible or recognizable. There’s no accurate way to find that out, but you can rely on your intuition upon viewing the place of the dorm or apartment. If you can see yourself living in that area for at least four years, then that must be it. The decision is up to you, and only you can know in your heart if a place is something you’ll be comfortable at eventually.


Being a college student involves making several decisions. There are uncertainties along the way, and, at times, you’ll find it hard to know how to make the right choice. That’s all part of going through the transition, but, at least, choosing the right accommodation isn’t that impossible to achieve. You have your instinct to rely on, and, of course, along with proper research and enough information.

Don’t forget to consider important factors when choosing your student accommodation, such as the price, proximity, amenities, and the community of the residence. Always keep in mind that if you want to choose the best living situation while studying, the price should be the last thing to look into. That is if you’re after comfort and security.

The pandemic is still here, and that’s all the more reason to look for accommodation that’ll make you feel like you’re still home and safe despite everything. Good luck with your dorm hunting and take care!

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