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You should be aware of the copy machine. When you put an A4 web page inside the maker and trigger it, you get a similar copy of that page. If you rotate or turn the page, it will continue to identical to the original page. However, if you skipped them out, you can line them up again quickly. We can claim the pages are similar or coinciding. Let’s take a look at the concept of congruent triangles.

Better, the A4 web page is in a rectangle-shaped form, so when you sufficed diagonally, you will get Triangle. If you cut both sides in the same way, you will see both of them create the similar type of a triangle, that has the same collections of angles and sides.

About Congruent Triangles

You have to be well aware of a Triangle now– that it is a 2-dimensional number with three angles, three sides and three vertices. 2 or more Triangle are said to be consistent if their corresponding sides or angles are the side. In other words, Conforming triangles have the same shape as well as dimensions.

Congruency is a term utilized to define two things with the exact sizes and shape. The sign for congruency is ≅.

In triangles, the abbreviation CPCT is often used to reveal that the Matching Parts of Conforming Triangles are the same.

Congruency is neither computed nor measured but is established by aesthetic examination. Triangles can come to be coinciding in three different motions, precisely, turning, representation, and also translation.

What is Triangle Congruence?

Triangle Congruence is the rules or the methods used to verify if two Triangle are consistent. Two Triangle are stated to be coinciding if as well as just if we can make one of them superpose on the other to cover it specifically.

These four requirements utilized to examine triangle congruence include:

Side– Side– Side (SSS), Side– Angle– Side (SAS), Angle– Side– Angle (ASA), and Angle– Angle– Side (AAS).

There are even more ways to confirm the congruency of Triangle. However, in this lesson, we will undoubtedly restrict ourselves to these postulates.

Before entering into the information of these postulates of congruency, it is essential to recognize just how to note different sides and angles with a particular indicator that shows their congruency. You will also witness the sides and angles of a Triangle indicated with minor tic marks to define the sets of congruent angles or congruent sides.

You will undoubtedly see in the layouts below that the sides with one tic mark are of the same dimension, the sides with two tic marks also have the same length, and the sides with the tic marks are equivalent. The same goes with the angles.

Congruent triangles : Side– Angle—Side

Side Angle Side (SAS) is a guideline utilized to verify whether a provided collection of triangles conforms. In this case, two triangles are consistent if two sides and one consisted of an angle in a provided triangle, are equal to the equivalent two sides, and one consisted of angle in one more triangle.

Bear in mind that the included angle must be formed by the two sides for the triangles to be congruent.

Given that; length AD = PR, Air Conditioning = PQ and ∠ QPR = ∠ BAC, Triangle ABC and QPR are in agreement (△ ABC ≅ △ QPR).

Congruent triangles: Angle– Angle—Side

The Angle– Angle– Side regulation (AAS) states that two triangles agree if their corresponding two angles and one non-included side are equivalent.

Considered that;

∠ BAC = ∠ QPR, ∠ ACB = ∠ RQP and size AD = QR, after that Triangle ABC and PQR are congruent (△ ABC ≅ △ PQR).

Side– Side– Side

The side– side– side policy (SSS) specifies that: Two triangles are congruent if their matching three side sizes are equivalent.

Triangle ABC and QPR are said to be congruent (△ ABC ≅ △ QPR) if length AD = PR, A/C = QP, and BC = QR.

Angle– Side—Angle

The Angle– Side– Angle policy (ASA) mentions that: 2 triangles are coinciding. If their equivalent two angles and one consist of side are equal.

Triangle ABC and PQR are congruent (△ ABC ≅ △ PQR) if size ∠ BAC = ∠ PRQ, ∠ ACB = ∠ PQR.

Worked examples of triangle congruence:


Two triangles ABC as well as PQR are such that; AD = 3.5 centimeters, BC = 7.1 cm, A/C = 5 cm. And, PQ = 7.1 cm, QR = 5 centimeters and PR = 3.5 cm. Check whether the triangles are congruent.


Given: AD = PR = 3.5 centimeters

BC = PQ = 7.1 cm and also

Air Conditioner = QR = 5 cm

As a result, ∆ ABC ≅ ∆ PQR (SSS).

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