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To become a better writer, you have to be perfect in different departments like timings, submissions, expressions, engagement, quality, conciseness, and much more. Now obviously you cannot master it over a few weeks or months. Writing requires years of practice and thousands and even more words of content writing to get to a basic level of acceptance. You should know that there are many utilities on the web that can help you in the simple making of decent content. In this three-minute post, we are going to tell you all about the best and the most stunning tools that can help you write better.


Toggle or Toggle is the first tool in our list today and is causally related to time-management. You should know that Toggl is the best software available on the web for time-management. You can use this tool/application on both your desktops and smart devices. It is perfectly compatible with android as well as with IOS devices. You should know that with this time-tracker you can simply calculate the work that you need in the ideation, the creation, and up to the submission part. If you are capable of respecting the timeline, then you know that you can become a better writer already.

Plagiarism Checkers

The plagiarism checkers are crucial for every writer, and there is no doubt about it. You should know that without a plagiarism detector, a writer is just like a soldier without weapons on the battlefield. You should know that the plagiarism checker by is one of the finest tools available on the web for free as it can help you check and remove all kinds of plagiarism. If you need a free plagiarism checker with good reputed and accurate results, then this is the best plagiarism checker available for you. As a writer, this is an important utility for you!


Grammarly is another writing platform that can help you in improving your content skills. Grammarly is both a writing assistant and a plagiarism checker tool. You should know that with the assistance of Grammarly, you can learn a lot about writing and improving your mistakes that you commonly make and ignore. You can create and check all kinds of formal and informal documents with Grammarly. This tool can easily be installed on your device and can work with Microsoft Word as an ad on the tool. 

Zen Pen

Zen pen is another important writing tool that can help you in providing the best writing platform. Writing is a job that can only be done in a peaceful environment with zero distractions; the more focused you are towards writing the better-quality content you can create. You should know that this tool provides the writer with the cleanest writing zone. This tool is also known as the best and the most minimalist writing zone available on the web. You just have to open this tool and start writing or adding your content. 


Quora is another important tool that can help you in content writing. This is actually a platform that is famous for questions and answers that one gets from different experts and users on the web. Now if you have any questions/queries about the content you are planning on writing, then you can easily use this online tool to post your queries. You can get answers from all across the web and can use them after understanding the main idea behind the query. The better your understanding would be, the better would be your expression. 

Google Trends

Google trends is another online tool that can be very helpful for you if you want to improve your writing skills. You should know that this tool belongs and is directly connected to google. With the help of the google trend, you can easily figure about the topics and the niche that people are interested in. You can easily prepare the content that is going on trend these days. You should know that the trendier content you write, the more it will get accepted by the search engine and the traffic on it.

Keyword Finder Tools

The keyword finder tools by different websites can also be helpful for you in becoming a better writer, especially if you are planning on starting a website. You should know that with the keyword finder tools, you can easily know about the words and the phrases that can be stuffed in your content without any artificial additions. Keywords help content to get indexed and ranked on a higher position more quickly, so if you need a helper tool to make content for websites, then the keyword tools are the best ones. These are some of the best utilities that can help you become a good writer!

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