How to Prepare to Get Accepted to the New York University

If you are aiming to get into the New York University (NYU), whether it’s the Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, or New York campuses, the recent application cycles have been very selective with their potential candidates. However, that doesn’t mean that getting into NYU university is impossible. It does mean that you have to step up your application game if you want a chance to be considered though. Here are some tips and tricks on how to best prepare to get accepted into NYU.

Academic Requirements

The first, and perhaps most important, step to consider when applying to the university are the academic requirements. Academic requirements for NYU are split into high school GPA requirements and scores of tests such as the SAT and ACT aptitude tests. NYU is very strongly competitive when it comes to academic requirements so, in order to get in, you have to make sure you are scoring at the 75th percentile. This means that your GPA should be 3.69 or higher with an SAT score of 1510 or an ACT score of 34. You can sometimes compensate for having a lower GPA with a higher SAT or ACT Score or by taking AP or IB Classes to boost your application.

Letters of Recommendation

If you want to get accepted into New York University, having strong letters of recommendation can make your application more competitive. You should ask for letters from teachers or professionals who know your best qualities and who have great writing skills. Your recommendation letter must be personalized and highlight your personal strengths and not just generic ones as the application committee can easily tell the difference. You should always go for people who know you best and who have seen you in action over your years of high school. Your school counselor will also need to write you a letter of recommendation.

Supplemental Essay

Supplemental Essay

Because NYU is becoming more selective, it’s increasingly critical to write a compelling supplemental essay that will help you stand out from the crowd. The supplemental essay is requested by the university from all applicants and asks the question “Why NYU?”. The NYU college essay has a 400-word limit and necessitates applicants to articulate their interest in the university. In the essay, applicants should focus on talking about why they think NYU is a good choice, why they are a good fit for NYU, what their chosen major is, and why they are interested in it. You should have someone, preferably an academic such as an English teacher, look over your essay and make revisions to it before handing it in.


If you are applying to an art school at NYU such as Tisch or Steinhardt, you will be required to hand in a portfolio of your previous work. To be accepted by the school, you should make sure your portfolio is flawless. For this to be the case, you need to pick art samples that show your best work and that showcase your personality, artistic interests, and skills. Artwork can be submitted in any style or medium whether it’s painting, drawing, video, or digital art, among other styles. Just make sure it’s worthy of being viewed by the admissions committee!

Your Selling Point

Yet another way to prepare to get accepted to the university is to make sure you have good extracurriculars. Instead of trying to seem well-rounded, you should focus on highlighting your selling points. When you are focused on one or two things, you can stand out and be exceptional at them rather than splitting your time and energy into many talents. Rather, try to become a specialist in one or two areas. Because NYU has a focus on internationality, it’s recommended for applicants to involve themselves in global extracurriculars such as Model United Nations or attend conferences worldwide with a focus on international relations.

NYU Summer Programs

A final way to prepare to get accepted into the university is to enroll in the summer programs offered there which can give you an idea of what the university is like and give you a competitive advantage. They offer summer programs that focus on many areas such as the arts, business, and some types of engineering. There’s also an option to attend an NYU pre-college class. Attending these classes or programs can strengthen your application and be added as topics to your supplemental essay.

With only 16 students getting into NYU from every 100 students, the university is very selective. After making sure you have the correct GPA requirements and SAT scores, you’ll need to also impress the applications office with your supplemental essay, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. It’s no wonder that the university is so particular with alumni going on to become world-renowned actors and actresses, Fortune 500 CEOs, and Prime Ministers with 96% of graduates employed within 6 months of getting their NYU degree.


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